About Me

Lacey Flanagan has always been passionate about art. From an early age, she knew that she wanted to be a creative professional, but she wasn't exactly sure which direction her career would go. Everywhere she went, she found herself inspired by the colors around her. Even though she was also interested in musical instruments, she really liked creating beautiful artwork with her hands. When she went through school, she took as many classes as she could, trying to figure out exactly what her passion would be. Eventually, she settled on painting.

She took classes in a variety of areas. She worked with sculptures, canvases, nature, and numerous types of paints. She was always drawn to bright, vivid colors, believing that there was something special about them. She uses these colors to try to bring out something new in everything she works with. She believed that her dedication to her creative field would bring out the best in all of her subjects. That is exactly what happened.

Ultimately, her biggest goal is to try to make people happy. She understands that there is a lot of stress in the world right now, and if someone can leave those stresses behind for even a few seconds as they look at her artwork, she believes it is worth it. She is inspired by a number of creative sights around her. Living in the wilderness of Maine, she is exposed to a lot of things that people do not see on a regular basis. She might walk down Main Street, she might take a stroll in the forest, and she might relax on the edge of the coast.

One of her unique talents is that she is able to bring just about anything to life. It is this versatility that sets her apart from the other artists in the field. She tries to make connections with her subjects, painting the same thing in many different ways. For example, she might take a stroll out to the coast at different times of the day. Depending on the way the sun hits the ocean, and depending on the time of year it is, the painting can look totally different. When she paints people, her subjects often remark that she has an ability to bring out a side of themselves that they never knew existed.

During her career, she has tried to take different approaches to different types of painting. She doesn't necessarily talk about different landscapes or visions of tradition, but she tries to add color and different shapes to what she paints. Even though there might be situations where she can paint something exactly as it looks to her, she tries to add her own creative twist to it. As a result, some people may describe her work as impressionist combined with a bit of practicality, but she tries to bring her own truth to the table every time she paints something new.

Even though she loves painting what she sees in Maine, she understands that she is on a journey of lifelong learning. That is why she tries to take in different sights at different times. For example, she likes to travel and see someplace new. She always brings her painting equipment with her, allowing her to paint just about anywhere she might be. Then, she uses those experiences to inform her painting techniques when she returns to Maine. This has made her one of the most versatile artists in her field.

When she isn't painting, Lacey Flanagan can be found exploring a number of other interests. One of her great joys is giving back to the local community that has given her so much. Therefore, she often volunteers with local charitable organizations. In particular, she tries to help children and animals. They are among the most vulnerable members of our population, and that is why she works hard to make sure they have the resources they need.

She also understands that she has a unique talent that she needs to share with other people. That is why she likes to teach local art classes as well. If you don't see her painting, you might see her at one of the local recreation centers teaching other people how to paint. She believes that everyone is creative, but that people simply need to work hard to dig up their creative talents. She wants to see others follow in the footsteps of her success.

Lacey Flanagan also loves spending time with her family members and friends. One of the great things about painting is that she can spend time with those who are close to her even as she works. For example, she enjoys painting her family members and friends with some of the unique landscapes that can be found in the local area. She even likes to include animals in her pictures as well. She enjoys putting a smile on the faces of other people, and that is exactly what her painting brings to the table. She has had a storied career, and it will be exciting to see what happens next.


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